4 Tips For Finding A Great Collision Repair Service

For most responsible drivers, accidents are a rare occurrence. That said, it is virtually inevitable that you will one day have to seek out an auto body shop after an accident for repair services. The tricky part is not in finding a shop - there are bound to be several nearby - but in finding one that delivers on their promise to restore your vehicle to like-new condition. Take a look below at just a few tips for finding a great repair shop.

A Clear Timeline

A shop staffed with experienced and knowledgeable mechanics will be able to provide you with a timeline for what to expect. While every case is subjective, you should to be able to get a timeline of repairs relatively quickly. A shop that delays in giving you one may not be the best shop for you. 


Another major question most customers have when they enter a shop is "What will I be paying for, and how much will it cost?" This is certainly a valid question, and you will want to make sure that the shop answers it in as much detail as possible. They should have no problem giving you an invoice that lists all the prices for every part, along with the cost of labor and the total price as well. While a detailed invoice may be difficult to provide upfront, a good repair shop should at least give you an estimate so that you know what to expect when all is said and done.

Quality Parts

Another thing you want to make sure of when you start asking questions about the repairs done to your vehicle is what parts will be used to fix it, especially if the repair is an extensive one. A good auto body repair shop will try to only use original parts made by the original manufacturer. While it may be slightly more expensive, you will at least have the peace of mind of knowing that the parts are not cheap, aftermarket imitations. These kinds of parts can actually decrease the value of your vehicle, and in many cases affect its performance. 


While the mechanical parts are the most important part of any repair, a bad paint match can ruin the whole thing for a customer. Make sure that the body shop has chosen to use the exact color used by the manufacturer, and not one that is merely similar. 

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